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Larry bird watching

So I am bit more spasmodic with my daily as usual but continuing on.  

Since I always have a good excuse for such things today’s special is . . . I  am entertaining a cold.

Nothing serious just a slow down, get off the freeway and onto a backroad kind of thing.

Had a good coaching call with a book coach and the result was that it turns out my book is more “fantasy” than “cozy” which is what it is but takes a bit more of a mindset shift. I was all set to go with connecting with cozy readers and now, well, I just don’t know. 

So I’m taking a break and just letting things simmer as I decide on what to do, what to do.

In the meantime I have several courses I’m working on – a new Pinterest course and an Adobe Audition course (for radio). Those two should be enough to keep me busy even on a back road.

I do have such a butterfly complex though really, I was rethinking that – and it seems to me more than an ADD butterfly kind of thing – I have more of a busy bee, flit from one flower to another kind of thing. 

Hope you have a super, wonderful day – whatever you do. 🙂 




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