Published a new book! Yes, I did . . .

Explore Vancouver Washington guidebook print and ebook covers

Published a new book! Yes, I did . . .

Consistency is the BIG key to being successful. So, it’s no wonder I’m not.

But then on the other hand, I am sort of consistent but it’s more like “years” consistent not day to day. Consistency with big gaps in the middle . . .

Explore Vancouver Washington

On February of this year I published a Vancouver, Washington guidebook. 160 pages, 200+ full color photos, hundreds of links of things to see, do and explore in Vancouver and Clark County Washington. It turned out quite well. I think.

Not selling well . . . not yet . . . need another year or two to get that rolling. That might be optimistic. But I’m keeping at it as it takes me years not months these days to see things through.

Since I last wrote a blog post here (about 14 months ago) I joined a small historical society here that takes care of and promotes the Covington House. The house was built in 1848 for sure and probably earlier. A very rustic cabin that links to the past and yet has been adapted with a few niceties like heat and air conditioning to make it very enjoyable for small event rentals and of course our monthly gatherings.

A month or so ago since I couldn’t seem to get any momentum on my guidebook and because members wanted me to hold a book event for my book I started thinking about it. Knowing I should but just not getting into it. AND THEN I thought what if instead of doing a book event for just one author (me) we did a book event for lot’s of authors. That would be much more fun than my little bit . . .

Lots of major cities have such events but Vancouver doesn’t. So obviously that needed to be fixed!

Introducing Vancouver’s – BOOK FUN IN THE SUN event. Started off hoping to get three or four authors involved maybe even six. Now it’s a month away and we are up to 16! Perhaps next year we will have 50 or 60 or even a hundred. Or not. Who knows?

Still I am having a great deal of fun working on a project that is not just about me. And the Covington House members are excited about it as I am and we are all pitching in to do our bits to make it successful.

Promotion poster for NW Book Fun in the Sun event

I created a web page NWBOOKFUN and working on some publicity materials, like posters, flyers and even yard signs and a news release that I sent to about 8 places and got one bite! Success!

I even contacted a local Vancouver (volunteer) Radio Station to get a PSA and guess what? I’m going to have my own radio program with them called, NW Book Talk some time later this year. Will let you know when that falls into place.

So things are moving forward. I seem to have low energy these days as a bout with Covid a while back + age enters into the mix but even so moving forward. Slowly but moving.

Love to hear from anyone still subscribed after my long bout of being away . . .



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  1. Lovely to get your email Patty. Wow and your own radio talk show too. ? Nice to hear you are doing so well.

    I must say I love old buildings. And classical literature written at the time yours was built. I have read ? alot of them.

    LOL my son who was in University at the time suggested I read “The Canterbury Tales”. It takes a little while to get into the English of that time period, but they were good. They are just a series of funny stories.

    All the best with your endeavours.


    1. Thank you Juanita – So nice to hear from you. 🙂 I have not read the Canterbury Tales. Was not even on my radar of the one million books I should read. Ha. Ha. Now it’s heading to the top.

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