Pope Francis’s two gifts to offer to the world

Last night Jon and I watched 60 Minutes feature story on Pope Francis. It was quite good. I wasn’t expecting it to be – but it was. The one thing I came away with was that Pope Francis stated that we should offer the world two things.
1.) The gift of smiling

2.) The gift of humor

Wow. Isn’t that simple, beautiful and amazing? Those two gifts are hopefully manageable for all of us. Rich or poor, young or old, healthy or not if we can offer those two things to even one person each day we make the world a better place.

That’s my new day by day goal for the day.

I love it. Perhaps I will start with smiling at myself. And cracking a joke at my self. I am pretty tired of trying to think, act and be positive on days when I am anything of the sort. But I can usually muster a smile and crack a joke. So for me I think this will be attainable.

A long, long time ago I read in a magazine for Music Teachers that one should always keep the eleventh commandment when instructing others.

Commandment Eleven: “Thou shalt not take thyself so dam seriously.”

Yep, gotta love that too.

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