Do you ever wonder what life is like after?

I bet most people do. I mean everything seems rather pointless if there isn’t something after don’t you think?

But what is real and what is wishful thinking?

Every religion seems to have some tidy answers but I don’t know that any have “all” the answers.

I think in some way everything is connected to everything and everyone. Not a clue what that means except I do think we are all in this together.

Before Sr. Mary Rita died she seemed to float from this world to the next – and she told us things. Were they real? Perhaps not, after all who knows for sure. But I think they were.

The one thing that stays the most with me is that very close to the end she told us about floating way up into the universe. She said, “I rose up and up and up and there is just so much love.”

That’s all really that she shared. She didn’t have a lot of strength at that point but we could tell how amazed and how at peace she was with it all. “Just so much love.”

Maybe our religion doesn’t need to be more than that.

Aware of the love that surrounds us, is in us and flows from one to another.

I am not dismissing the bad stuff, the ugly, sickness, misery, starvation and pain – that in some way is part of this world we exist in

but hopefully

at some point

when we leave it all behind

we experience . . . so much love.



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