The hidden benefits of friends coming over

One time I went to a party in a nice, modest home. The kids were on their best behavior and the house was prepared with all the things that go into a home party. It was a very fun time. The host and hostess were happy, fun people and everyone had a good time.

As we were leaving a few of the ladies were saying their goodbyes and thank-you’s and all the usual civilities. The hostest smiled at us and said, “Thank you for getting my house cleaned!”

And wasn’t that sweet? I mean how lovely and true – so much easier to clean for guests coming over than just “because it’s got to be done!” What’s the joy in that?

This evening we are having guests from out of town and I have been cleaning for several days. All the things that I meant to get to some day now took on enough of a priority that I actually did them. And I do feel like just like the lovely lady’s party comment. I have the joy of a clean house. How nice it that?

That may make it seem like I never clean house – which I do. But I will say there were a number of things I should have done and didn’t.

All checked off my list now.



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