The element of surprise

So – yesterday I talked about needing some work and today I found a job on Craigslist that I applied for. Even got an interview. A small, part time, office job but that is what I want. Probably two weeks before I find out if I have a chance but hey – made a positive step forward.

One of the requirements for this job is work with Excel. I work a little with this program for my own use, and some former office work but has been awhile. Had already decided that I needed to become an expert with it for use with AdWords – but now I have a bit more of a push to get into it.

The course has 180 lessons. Each one so far is under five minutes but still that is a lot. Started this afternoon and am on lesson 19. That leaves 161 more to go. Hmmm. I rather expect they will get harder as I go along but I am loving the instructor. He makes each lesson super simple. Baby step by step – that is the way I like to learn. So far I haven’t gotten into anything totally new and yet I am feeling more confident just going over the basic stuff.

The Udemy course is called, “Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced” instructed by Kyle Pew. Will keep you posted how it goes.

Now I must share a weird book I am reading. Very weird but I’m hooked. It is called, The Analyst by John Katzenback. A murder mystery story except that the murder hasn’t happened yet. The main character in the book (the analyst) is the one going to be murdered or commit suicide in two weeks. He has about ten days left at this point. It is all I can do not to skip ahead and read the end BECAUSE I really want to know does it happen or not?

Crazy stuff. I read a chapter or two in between studying Excel.

This is all for today.

Checking in and checking out.

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