Reaching a flow state

Today’s Ramble:

When I was taking group coaching with Robert Middleton one of the things he suggested was to start the day with reading something inspirational. His choice was something from James Clear. I have been following him for some time so that was an easy “do”.

Except of course I didn’t do it but the thought was definitely there.

Anyway I decided I really should follow through and so today I read The Goldilocks Rule.

I wrote in my journal this quote from the article:

As psychologist Jonathan Haudt explains, one of the keys to reaching a flow state is that “you get immediate feedback about how you are doing at each step.”

And “the human brain needs some way to visualize our progress if we are to maintain motivation.”

So not sure what I can come up with to give myself feedback on a few prime things. Maybe it’s as simply as creating a list and checking them off. Anyone have some tips for visualizing progress on things?

My Fun puzzle:

preview35 pieceButton colors

Three Gratitude Moments: (please share yours in the comments!)
Friday morning call from one of my sisters
Taking a walk with Jon
Working on Children's writing course (again)

Guest fun puzzle:
preview20 pieceColourful stoneware

What I most don't want to do today: (please share yours in the comments!)
spend an hour on Children's book writing course - (But I did it and wasn't bad!)
Vacuum the house - gotta do it this afternoon!
Cut down on sugar. Yikes.

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