Guilt free weekends

Today’s Sunshine:

Saturday’s are easy to get off schedule. That is as much schedule as I have. Anyway I have decided weekends are made to be off schedule. Especially in the summer. My new policy is to have “guilt free” weekends. I do what I do, when I do and to heck with the “ought to” stuff. If it’s important it will get done – not going to guilt trip myself over it though if it doesn’t.

And obviously as I continue with this post you can see it didn’t get finished and sent out over the weekend! Now it’s Monday and I am glad to be getting back into things. Spent the morning working on my writing course. Moving into lesson six and have until July 16th to get it done. Each lesson is quite intensive and this time I am determined to spend more time each day on it. Once the course is done I want to rewrite my first book, “My Dog Can fly,” and make it better.

Today we are having some outside structural work on our house. Replacing parts of some of the exposed wooden beams and repainting the sunny side of the house that has not weathered so well. A one day project hopefully.

I found a really fun game that I hope to add to the site some day. You get a number of letters and then have so much time to make as many words as possible from the letters. One of those games I used to do as a kid and still find fun! You can play it here if you want to try it out.

My Fun puzzle:
preview42 pieceCoffee-cups

Three Gratitude Moments: (please share yours in the comments!)
Our pets - each special in their own way
Cooler weather and maybe a bit of rain
Working on Community board for this site

Guest fun puzzle:
preview12 pieceKitchen Accessories

What I most don't want to do today: (please share yours in the comments!)
Weed the flower bed

Memory Match | Waffle | Mahjong

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