"What if . . . ?"

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes: From James Clear: “the faster you try to change, the more likely you are to backslide” and “the best way to achieve a new level … is not with radical change, but through small wins each day”

Thoughts: I have found that when I try to implement change if I get too detailed I have a hard time maintaining the change. My new thrust with my writing for now is to devote the morning to my writing course. So this morning I concentrated on studying the lesson plan, taking notes, listening to a podcast. I didn’t actually do any writing because I am in the gathering information stage. That’s my excuse anyway. Tomorrow I will start some scribbles and see how it goes.

A fun writing exercise I am learning is called, “Interviewing your characters.” Basically you ask your character all sorts of questions. I found a couple of different websites with interview questions and copied them together (omitting the ones I didn’t like) to come up with my own master list. The two sites I used to jump start my thinking was Litbridge and WritingForward. Once I have played with this a little bit I will come up with a list that will pertain more to writing for children as these two lists are more for adult characters.

Here is a sample question that I think is FUN just to do for oneself. At least for a while I think I am going to include a “What if” question here.

Today’s ‘What If‘ Question: What if you won the lottery?

My Answer: I would give most of it away I think. But to who or what? Something fun and memorable perhaps. How about a thousand free trips each year to Disney Land for poor families? Things like education and cures are important but also creating “super memories” for kids is important too. My aunt and uncle did that for me and my sister once and it was really nice. I would also buy a house at the coast. I love the ocean. Maybe I would create a free Summer Ocean Resort for poor families.

What about you? Of course you can change it tomorrow – but just for today what would you do “If you won the lottery?”

My Fun puzzle:

preview42 pieceBlueberry-muffins

Three Gratitude Moments: (please share yours in the comments!)
1. Being married to my best friend
2. Looking forward to going to the library for some new books
3. Working on my writing course

Guest fun puzzle:
preview99 pieceCalico Country~

What I most don't want to do today: (please share yours in the comments!)
Weed the flower bed (and surprisingly it keeps popping up because I don't do it!)

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