Focus by letting go

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes: Another quote from James Clear. This one is from one of his articles on focusing. As soon as I read this I knew it explained exactly what I was going through. It’s about Loss Aversion.

“Our tendency to avoid losses causes us to make silly decisions and change our behavior simply to keep the things we already own.”

One of the problems I have been dealing with is holding onto things that are dragging me down. I am trying to move into just concentrating on writing for Children and the Sunshine blog but I don’t let go of all the other things I started. And it’s not just that. A closet full of clothes I never wear. Boxes of things I moved with but never look at. All sorts of stuff and baggage that I feel is just hanging there in the background like a virus ready to attack once I let down my guard.

So I decided to work on clearing things out. Today I attacked my closet and some websites. Over the rest of the month I plan to work on other things. My hope is that having less will give me greater clarity to concentrate on my two single goals.

Will see how it goes.

Today’s ‘What If’ Question: What if you could become a master at any one skill, overnight?

My Answer: I would love to be better at writing children’s stories. Books actually. That would be great.

What about you? Anything you would like to become a master at?

My Fun puzzle:
preview42 pieceKittens-and-feathers

Three Gratitude Moments: (please share yours in the comments!)
1. Cleaned out my closet!
2. Deleted websites not working on
3. phone call with friend

Guest fun puzzle:
preview36 pieceI Was Here First. by Valerie Drake Lesiak

What I most don't want to do today: (please share in the comments)
Work on lesson for Children's book - instead I cleaned. :-)

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