Deliberate Practice

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes: For the moment I am pretty stuck with reading something from James Clear each morning. Saturday I read a bit on Deliberate Practice.

“Deliberate practice always follows the same pattern: break the overall process down into parts, identify your weaknesses, test new strategies for each section, and then integrate your learning into the overall process.” James Clear

My hope is to actually start applying some of this to learning how to be a better Children’s writer.

Over the weekend my motivation to “do” anything was on zero. Totally. I read, played games, made cookies and ate them. That’s about it. Oh! I “thought” a lot about doing things. Does that count? It really should because I did spend a lot of energy doing that!

I’m dropping the “What If” thoughts. Doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Maybe something more inspiring or fun will kick in and I will add it here. 🙂 Any suggestions?

My Fun puzzle:
preview54 pieceStorm

Three Gratitude Moments: (please share yours in the comments!)
1. Made Cinnamon cookies First time and they turned out delicious!
2. Read books - C.J. Box,
3. played games on Kindle

Guest fun puzzle:
preview36 pieceBicycle Bouquet is great decor. By Valerie Drake Lesiak

Favorite Sites: 
James Clear


Just for Fun: Memory Match | Waffle | Mahjong |

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