What brings you joy?

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

“If we all did what brings us joy,
rather then what we think will keep us safe
we would live in a different world.
That feeling of joy is what tells you
that you are in sync with God.
It’s your GPS system.”
Pam Grout – from Common Grace blog post

I am writing this on Sunday afternoon – a day which has been a “joyful” one from the moment I woke up. Had breakfast with Jon and then we drove out to my sister and family in Albany to deliver a few things in preparation for my nephew’s wedding in two weeks. (He is home from hospital and doing well). Then we came home, had lunch, read a bit and then went to Dairy Queen for Pineapple Sundae’s. Now I am writing this and thinking what a lovely day it has been.

Isn’t it funny how so often when things are going well we think we, “Oh no, this won’t last!” but what if God only did want us to live our lives in JOY no matter what? How crazy would that be?

There are so many terrible and sad things on the news that it feels as if we are certainly living in the worst of times and yet – I read somewhere that in truth the world has never known the peace that is present today. That is not what the “more tonight at eleven” reports – but apparently there are happy homes, happy marriages, kids and lives going on all over the world.

Imagine that!

I will continue to watch the news as bad as it may be – because I think in a way it anchors us to the plight of our neighbor and that is a good thing. I just am also going to make an effort to live more a life of joy. As much as I can – and I think that starts with just being grateful for all the good that does surround us.

And whatever you do today, or sometime soon – do read this article: Pam Grout: Cheers to Life!

My Fun puzzle:
preview54 piecePam-grout – Joy in Life

Three Gratitude Moments: (please share yours in the comments!)
1. Sunshine
2. Garden full of flowers (and beautiful blooming weeds)
3. Finding new inspirational blogs to follow.

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