What we need

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivational Quote:

“What we need is to use what we have”
Basil S Walsh

Sunshine Thoughts:

So often I think I need one more thing in order to do something. Take another class, buy something, make something, always something more that what is at hand. But in many cases that is nothing more than me finding an excuse not to start.

In the Old Testament there is a quote (Judges 6:14) in which God tells Gideon to “Go with the strength provided by God.” I’m not into reading or studying Scripture much these days but there are some powerful statements that keep me going. This is one of them.

I fixed the game links for Waffle and Mahjong. Still have to work on the others. I deleted them from previous site which is why the error message was showing up. There was nothing there!

Today’s Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:  

1. Continuing to work on writing course. Lesson 6 returned – 3 to go!

2. Cooler day. Nice, we can have the windows open and enjoy the breeze.

3. Good night’s sleep. Working on getting enough sleep – important for everything.

(please share moments in the comments!)

Today’s Sunshine Puzzles:

preview63 pieceInspirational Puzzle: Use what we have
preview35 piece 

Guest fun puzzle: Pretty Kitty @ Pinterest…



Sunshine Bucket –

James Clear  Cooks&Books

Games:  (Note: the website location for games was changed on 6/25/18 – now secure)
Memory Match | Waffle | Mahjong |

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