Happy Fourth of July!

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

“If you want to be HAPPY

Leo Tolstoy

Sunshine Thoughts:

Fourth of July – looking forward to the day – though I am siding with Andre that the Fireworks will be reasonable.

Getting very frustrated trying to get my domain to work on the Blogger site. Thinking may just forget it. I’m really getting past the point where I care. 🙂

Hope you have a fun and great Fourth of July! Sorry not more patriotic with the day. Seems like I am not so hung up on the United States being the greatest country in the world anymore. I think all God’s people everywhere are great – forget all this border and national stuff.

 Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:  
1. Reading a fun book Hope in the Holler” by Lisa Lewis Type (Children’s book)
2. Think I might have made the comments a bit better. Took off the Google requirement.
3. Salmon patties (from Costco) for dinner. They are delicious!

(please share your moments in the comments!)
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4 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!”

  1. Hello and Happy 4th. Quiet day home today, which is ok with me very Hazy Hot & Humid here. I went last Friday to fireworks and will go to more this Friday night. So celebrating is scattered this year

    I wish you success with the blogger site if you want to continue to try. But if you don't I'm happy with Sunshine moments just the way they are 🙂

    Might have to look into the salmon patties at Costco, they sound yummy

    Today's Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
    1. Comments appear to be working, thanks Patty
    2. Spent time with granddaughter at a town fair last night
    3. Thankful I have AC and I can afford to pay the bill


  2. Hi Charlotte – yes so far the Sunshine Moments is working out on Blogger. Here's hoping I can make the comments more visible for sharing – still not totally satisfied.

    We are having a quiet 4th too. A few sprinkles of rain not enough to put out the forest fires though. Wish there would be a real downpour after all the 4th festivities are over.

    The Costco salmon patties are super good. Better than any I have tried elsewhere.


  3. Hi again. Yeah it is a bit more of a scavenger hunt to find how to leave a comment, but at least it is there. Like I mentioned before, you have to click on your blue Excerpts link to bring you to another page with the same post. Everything from the post is the same just have to link to the comments from the second page. A little different but it is there. Just have to search it out.
    I've already put the salmon patties on my list to look for next Costco trip. Ohhhh one question about them, are they fresh or frozen?


  4. Love your new site. It would be nice to have the bloggers site but don't go crazy trying to make it work. It is just nice hearing from you each day. You sound very happy. God is good and you met the love of your life.
    Have a great day.


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