Two factors to create Enthusiasm

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

Can be aroused
by two things:
an idea which takes
the imagination by storm;
a definite, intelligible plan
for carrying that idea
into action.
Arnold Toynbee

Sunshine Thoughts:

Just in case anyone else has not tried Costco’s Salmon patties and might want to try here is what the package looks like. My sister Barb (dietician) turned me onto these and they are delicious and very healthy. You can cook them on the grill or just in the frying pan which is what we do mostly. Four minutes on each side and done. Probably should get a commission for advertising. But not going there. Just sharing cause I like them. Anyone have any other Costco or other fun things to try?

Just got back from picking up my new glasses at Walmart. Oh my gosh I am seeing so much better. The prescription was practically the same but this time I went without the trifocals and loving it. Also I went with the Nikon coating which the eye assistant said was a much better coating than what Costco uses. Guess you win some and lose some with Costco. Or maybe I could have gone with Nikon coating there too and didn’t know about it. Who knows?

 Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:    
1. Loving my new glasses.
2. Thankful the fireworks are over. They were so loud and went on till 1:00 am. Pretty though.
3.  Making daily progress with my writing. 

(please share your moments in the comments!)
Sunshine Puzzle  

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Guest Puzzle  

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