Daily Sunshine

My attempt to keep motivated

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

motivation-1“You can’t cross the sea
merely by standing and staring
at the water”
Rabindranath Tagore

Sunshine Thoughts:

This week’s theme is motivation. I choose what I think I most need. This week it’s definitely motivation or perhaps it should be persistence. Need both and a couple cups of coffee to start the day.

The more I get into what it takes to write a good book the more I see how much I have to learn. I realize now when I wrote my first book that it was sort of a dreamy fairy tale of all the things I would like to happen. A daydream of this and that all bundled together and packaged.

I started with just the story. I should have started with the characters. I’m reading and studying and then taking loads of time to developing them. Having conversations with them and asking them questions. It’s all rather fun.

Last night we watched Finding Neverland [2004] Wasn’t anything we had planned but just saw it on Netflix and decided to give it a try. It was about J. M. Barrie’s creation of the play about Peter Pan. I had always thought the play came after the book but the play came first. Found that very interesting. It’s very good if you haven’t seen it.

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. We had a wonderful visit with my sister Barb in Albany on Saturday
2. Finding good articles to read about developing characters and plots
3. Laughing at Buddy sleeping outside in the shade. He gets into the funniest positions.

 Sunshine Puzzles

preview35 pieceMotivation-1
preview99 pieceLake House~ AlanGiana

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2 thoughts on “My attempt to keep motivated”

  1. How are Pudge and Andre doing? Hope they are well. Glad you had a great visit with Barb. Staying motivated is a difficult one.
    Grateful for my meditation class on Saturday
    Grateful for the sleepover with the grands Saturday evening
    Grateful for a wonderful birthday party for my 1 year old great niece yesterday


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