Daily Sunshine

A loving heart

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

Love-quote-1“A loving heart
is the truest wisdom.”
Charles Dickens

Sunshine Thoughts:

This week the theme is “Love.” Figure one can never get quite enough of that.

So this is why I do not seem to get ahead. I got an order for 80 books from Hallmark. Some of the pages of book one had to be corrected so I bought a new printer so I could do the printing myself. Then I had to buy ink and paper. After a week of putting all the bits and pieces together to finish the project I figure I lost about three dollars for every one I made.

Of course my hope is that I will sell more books and will eventually come out ahead. That  is my hope . . .

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Finished printing and binding the books. Whew!
2. Hot day. We had root beer floats after an afternoon drive. Cooling down.
3. Finished last book, started another two. A bit crazy of course but I like variety.

 Sunshine Puzzles

preview54 pieceLove-quote-1
preview12 pieceHanging Out in the Garden

 Sunshine Bucket –

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2 thoughts on “A loving heart”

    1. Had a great meeting with Mary Rose on Friday. She is admin of Friends of the Fort. She wants to carry the new Word search book as soon as it comes out. That is very exciting.


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