Daily Sunshine

How Character is developed

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

helen-keller-quote-4“Character cannot be developed
in ease and quiet.”
Helen Keller

Sunshine Thoughts:

So here is the funny thing about me. I pick these quotes that I really like and then my mind comes up with a thought that is the exact opposite of the quote I picked. For instance just now I am thinking that ease and quiet are not such bad things. And that one’s character is really developed from all sorts of situations not just rough ones.

Maybe I just like to argue . . . even if it’s with myself.

Happy First Day of August. I added a link below to games at AARP. I hadn’t visited there in a long time but just popped in again. I love their version. Mahjong Dimensions. Just sort of addictive . . .

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Beautiful cool day.
2. Got the vacuuming and dusting done.  
3. Finding out all sorts of interesting facts doing this Fort Vancouver puzzle book. For one thing the first PX (you know where military people shop) was first started here at the fort. Seems the Commander of the base in 1880 was tired of his men being ripped off by the merchants off base . . . so he started a PX (Post Exchange) where his people could shop with discounted prices.

 Sunshine Puzzles

preview48 pieceHelen-keller-quote-4
preview99 pieceDreamy Landscape~ AlanGiana

More Games: | Waffle | Mahjong |Free Words  AARP Games

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