Daily Sunshine

Start today

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

change-quote-4“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
but anyone can start today and make a new ending”
Maria Robinson

Sunshine Thoughts

So now when we go on our morning walks we count, squirrels, cats and bunnies. There are two rabbits at one spot that are often laying on the grass on either side of the street. The biggest rabbit sometimes goes across the street and lies under someone’s truck. I think they both belong to a house that has free range chickens and these rabbits.

Sometimes the cats we see at other places along our route come out and let us pet them. Our highest cat count so far is six cats. If we saw all the cats on the same day there would be about twelve I guess. But of course cats all have their own agendas so on never knows who will be out and about at any given time.

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Our lazy cat sleeping outside – all day – except for food
2. Grateful for all my online friends – yes, that is you.
3. Finding cute animal pictures on Pinterest

 Sunshine Puzzles

preview70 pieceChange-quote-4
preview99 pieceHometown Heroes~ George Kovach

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