Daily Sunshine

Make hope inspired choices

Today’s Sunshine:nelson-mandela-2

Motivation Quotes:

May your choices
reflect your hopes
not your fears.”
Nelson Mandela

Sunshine Thoughts

It’s another hot day. Went to sit on our outdoor lawn swing for a bit but unfortunately I had a load in the dryer and the hot air spews out right on the swing. The shady side. The part where it made the most sense to sit. Not.

Just read a brief scary article on blue light (the kind that comes from computers) about making one go blind. Hmmm? Since I already have vision trouble and I think it might very well have something to do with all the computer work I have done – I am thinking.

Maybe . . .  doing a daily message is not such a wonderful idea? I love doing it – but maybe it is not such a good idea. Which is funny because the quote I picked for the day is about making choices on hopes not fears. . . And anyway maybe it’s not even good to tempt anyone else to spend more time on the computer reading these messages.

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. An hour of housework done. (For me that’s a lot!)
2. Eating chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I made them. 
3. Big dog, Andre sleeping next to my chair.

 Sunshine Word Search

Ten word challenge for fast fun.
Today’s theme: Cats are like that


 Sunshine Puzzles

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4 thoughts on “Make hope inspired choices”

  1. Hi,

    I think whatever you decide and whatever is best for you , do it. I enjoy the blog, it is great. Maybe once a week. ?
    Grateful for sunshine
    Grateful for a cool day
    Grateful for tap class tonight


  2. Hello …. I would miss you and your daily posts but completely understand you have to make the decision that’s right for you. Without your posts I would never have heard about the yummy salmon burgers from Costco. YES, I FINALLY got there, purchased them and grilled one last night for my dinner. I’m in agreement with you, they are very tasty.

    Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
    1. My son is home safely from his 7 day cruise and then a 3 day trip to Maine for a friends wedding
    2. No flooding in my neighborhood from all the rain although it’s been flooding very close by
    3. For you Patricia and this blog. AND for the great tip to buy salmon burgers


  3. Glad you tried those burgers. Costco gets some very good things. We try to walk on by most things there because so many tempting things we would be broke fast. But it does help when someone gives an extra plug for something. My sister got me started. on those burgers. 🙂

    So glad your son is home safely on his cruise! Used to be we didn’t worry so much about cruises but nowadays it seems like any long vacation – anywhere – is a bit worriesome.

    I cannot believe the floods you all are having and everywhere. I just shake my head every time the news is on. Totally unbelievable.


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