Daily Sunshine

If it’s worth doing . . .

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

Chesterton-quote-2“If a thing is worth doing,
it is worth doing badly.”
Gilbert K Chesterton


Sunshine Thoughts

So as many of you have heard from former projects I have done – this was the quote that allowed me to do big jobs with no experience doing them. Things like publishing books, starting a radio station, card site, etc. This quote (once I figured out what it meant) pushed me through the mental block that something had to be done “perfectly” to be done. After that all sorts of “I think I can” projects got done.

For the next nine days I am deep into the midstream of the river getting the next Word Search book out. I am making progress. The whole project keeps growing and expanding but I am still trying for my September 1 deadline. If I don’t make it I’m not going to shoot myself but I need the PUSH of a solid deadline to stop messing around.

Oh, and on our morning walks our latest count for cats seen is nine. Also adding chickens to the list – today we saw four. Squirrels sometimes get counted but mostly not, nor dogs. Bunnies always get counted but none today.

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Coffee! Ah, yes – it zips, zaps and zazzles me into getting things done.
2. Only two more days of Smoke (weather report is predicting)
3. And I’m rereading the first book of J. A. Jance – Desert Heat – Love this author.

 Sunshine Word Search

Ten word challenge for fast fun.
Today’s theme:  Blacksmiths – Fort Vancouver 1800s

 Sunshine Puzzles

preview80 pieceChesterton-quote-2
preview80 pieceSummer Daydream

More Games: | Waffle | Mahjong |Free Words  AARP Games

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1 thought on “If it’s worth doing . . .”

  1. I know you will get the puzzled books completed. I like the counting of the animals on your walk. that is fun.
    Grateful for our new Great Granddaughter
    Grateful for another day
    Grateful for the little things in life


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