Daily Sunshine

Let’s hear it for adventures!

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

Chesterton-quote-3“An inconvenience is only an adventure
wrongly considered.”
Gilbert K Chesterton


Sunshine Thoughts

No real adventures in sight but I am open to them.

Today on our walk one of the bunnies was hopping along the sidewalk in front of us for a wee bit. Was very cute. By the time we got to where he had hopped off we could not find him. Has his hiding skills perfected.

Looks like things on the political front are taking a massive leap forward. Will see what develops.

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Another pot of Taco soup bubbling away in slow cooker. Added our fresh tomatoes this time. Should be even better!
2. Not much progress on puzzles . . . but some so that is good.
3. Still loving this book. J. A. Jance – Desert Heat – Love this author.

 Sunshine Word Search

Ten word challenge for fast fun.
Today’s theme:  Beads at Fort Vancouver

 Sunshine Puzzles

preview63 pieceChesterton-quote-3
preview99 pieceRose shoppe

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1 thought on “Let’s hear it for adventures!”

  1. The bunny sounds darling. Absolutely, a leap forward on the political front. The soup sounds delicious.

    Grateful for lunch with granddaughter and great granddaughter ( 9 weeks old) today.
    Grateful for sunshine.
    Grateful for your post.


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