Daily Sunshine

Be Happy Now

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

Happy-quotes-1“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life.
Be happy now. Don’t wait for something
outside of yourself to make you happy in the future.”
Earl Nightingale


Sunshine Thoughts

I definitely need to read this about ten times a day. So easy to get caught up in the “tomorrow” of living.

Our sweet Buddy (cat) is having difficulty jumping up. Not sure what is going on. Will take him to Vet tonight and see what is going on. Does not seem to be in pain but I have felt a tumor I think in his middle. Some one thought it was a fatty tumor and nothing too bad but now not so sure.

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. We’ve got rain! Thankfully it’s not the over the top “flooding” kind that parts of the country and world have.
2. Looking forward to an Italian Dinner tonight. Our friend Donata who owns a family restaurant (Denicola’s Italian Dining) is celebrating 40 years in business with a special business/fundraiser dinner.
3. Six more days to the deadline date for puzzle book. Making progress but will see . . .

 Sunshine Puzzles

preview63 pieceHappy-quotes-1
preview99 piece11666novelo

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2 thoughts on “Be Happy Now”

  1. Glad Buddy’s vet visit was good results. Happy to hear that. The dinner this evening sounds fabulous. You will have all finished in 6 days. You are the Little Train that Could !
    Grateful for the fresh tomatoes a neighbor gave us.
    Grateful for a peaceful morning.
    Grateful for another good read of The Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor


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