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Every day is a play day

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

Puzzle-Quote-Ed-Lester-2“Every day is a play day”
Ed Lester


Sunshine Thoughts

So – my new thought for the day is to make . . . “Every Day a Play Day!” A have fun day. A cheer some one up day. A day to accept whatever the day brings day.

Got over my “in the dumps” day and now trying to be more “just have a nice day” day. Not pushing myself to do more or be more or have more or whatever other “more” I fool myself into thinking would make my day better and brighter.

This Friday I have another event and I would so TOTALLY be happy if I didn’t feel I should go but I paid for the booth and I will go. Will be my martyr day of the week. My challenge to make it a play day and a nice day and not a “Oh woe is me day!” Ha! Ha!

On a MUCH better note – I have designed the front and back covers of the new puzzle book which I am glad for. Took me a whole day of course and the reason why I didn’t get a post sent out yesterday. But moving along nicely.

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. A bit of rain today which is very needed.
2. Took Pudge for a mini walk which he was over the top excited about.
3. Going to play a puzzle as soon as this is done. Play time! 

 Sunshine Puzzles

preview35 piecePuzzle-Quote-Ed-Lester-2

preview42 pieceRain Dance

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1 thought on “Every day is a play day”

  1. I love the frog, he is so cute. Have a great day ?
    Grateful for waking up, lol
    Grateful for a nice cup of tea
    Grateful for the delicious orange I had this morning


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