Daily Sunshine

A caring person is inside

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

Puzzle-Quote-smile-1“A smile is the light in your window
that tells others that there is a caring,
sharing person inside.”
Denis Waitley


Sunshine Thoughts

Well the Vancouver Night Market at Terminal 1 went much better than the week before. Lots more people, music and fun. Sold 10 books and 1 t-shirt. Not super but met some nice people and felt much more positive.

Not sure if I will do the Craft fairs again for a while. Takes time away from working on my books and at the moment I need to have more of them done to make a good presentation. On the other hand I meet people who give me ideas, encouragement and leads for more books. That’s a very good thing.

One lady who owns a gift shop in Portland thinks I should do a “Keep Portland Weird” book. She thinks that would sell a lot! So maybe I will. Her shop is The Happy Mermaid and is a floating shop! How fun is that? I will definitely have to check it out! Anyway the ‘Keep Portland Weird” is a kind of thing that Portland is known for. Across the river here in Vancouver we kind of say, “Keep Vancouver Normal” but  it’s fun on both sides really.

This week’s quote for puzzles will be “Smile.”

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. A Sunday sundae at Baskin & Robins. Tried a new flavor. Sometimes you just gotta.
2. Finished one book ready to start another. I hope Heaven has a library.
3. Andre is snoring behind my chair. Let sleeping dogs lie. 

 Sunshine Puzzles

preview63 piecePuzzle-Quote-smile-1

preview35 pieceCat Town

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5 thoughts on “A caring person is inside”

  1. Terrific news about the market. I think the lady at the market had a good idea about another book. Very nice. Networking is what it is all about.
    Grateful for childhood friend who came to visit and stayed the night.
    Grateful for a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausage and fruit.
    Grateful for our sweet dog Henry, he loves company.


  2. Cannot work puzzles again. They have been rotated and will not return even when I use the ctrl key. They are locked according to the help box. Love the first one…second one I tried for over a 1/2 hour some fit some did not. Love this page. Have been with you for quite awhile. Hope your books are a great success.


    1. Hi Judie, – I just tried a puzzle on my kindle and it worked. I know sometimes on my Kindle or other media players the puzzles will do that – and then later they will work. Not sure what happens. Sometimes it helps to do a “shut down” with the device and that clears things.

      These puzzles are with a company called https://www.jigsawplanet.com/ – and for the most part they work pretty good. Hope you have better luck the next time you try.

      Glad you like the page. I love doing it. 🙂 thanks for being with me through thick and thin, and twist a bouts!


      1. I have had this happen too. To get the puzzle to NOT be rotated sideways or upside down, you can go to the drop down arrow and highlight “play as” and click custom. Make sure the rotation box is unchecked. That is how I’ve gotten the puzzle to play properly. Hope this helps


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