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Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

 Denis-Waitley-quote-1Live in the only moment of time
over which you have any control: Now.

Denis Waitley

Jon is off to the store to get some cat treats. He wanted to try a new kind for Buddy. I told him that Buddy “will not” eat anything but HARD cat food or treats. Jon thought it was worth a try. Now he is making a special trip to get the kind Buddy likes.

He is also going to get some Halloween candy. Because there is a chance (very faint) that we might get some Halloween visitors. I said,”Be sure and get the kind we like.” He said, “Of course.”

I wonder if we have to wait until Halloween to try the Halloween candy? I say no. Will see how it goes . . .

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Working on new website – Adventure Words
2. Reading a new and very fun book. The Hostess with the Ghostess by E. J. Copperman. I just saw the title in the library and sounded like it would be fun. It is. Silly a bit, but fun.
3. Did you know that Portland, Oregon has the deepest transit station in the United States? It is 260 feet below surface level. I am finding out very interesting things with this new puzzle book.

Sunshine Puzzles

More Halloween Puzzles! Snowmen

preview63 pieceDenis-Waitley-quote-1

preview99 pieceTHREE JACK O LANTERS

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