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Be led by your heart

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

roy-t-bennett-dreams-in-your-heart Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind.
Be led by the dreams in your heart.”
Roy T. Bennett

So . . . I am wondering just how serious I can be with following my heart? Because I have dreams but they entail stepping out of my comfort, cozy place and into the “Yikes, can I do this?” zone.

In some ways I am just feeling so “retired” and let’s just read my books and do puzzles and cook dinner and watch fun things on TV. I mean that used to sound pathetic to me but now it just seems, “Not so bad!”

Today I had an over the top, fun and exciting free mentor session with Joan Stewart of “Publicity Hound.” And it was only supposed to be fifteen minutes but it was at least 45! And the ideas she had for me popped out like popcorn in a hot kettle.

But they all – or at least most of them, involve getting off the couch and away from the computer and get out there and get in front of real people. “Are you kidding me?”

  1. Join Toastmasters – did this and now she thinks I should do it again.
  2. Do public speaking at every chance I get – Library, Senior Centers, etc.
  3. Get my books on Amazon. – That’s safe, and comfortable – no problem there.
  4. And some other things – like maybe – down the road a bit get my books into a local Costco store. Hmmm.  Maybe ….

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Great phone session with Joan Stewart
2. Starting yet another book. I do read anywhere from three to five at a time. Always do. Just me.This is the first C. J. Box book – already in a “can’t put it down, but I gotta” frame of mind.
3. I got some M&M’s. Good, old, sweet-hearted Jon said I could have “one, and only one” trick or treat mini pack ahead of time. And none – repeat not any – yesterday. Not sure how long this is going to last. 

Sunshine Puzzles

More Halloween Puzzles! Snowmen

preview70 pieceRoy-t-bennett-dreams-in-your-heart

preview208 piecePumpkin Cat

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2 thoughts on “Be led by your heart”

  1. Joan’s advice sounds wonderful and right on the mark. Candy calls me all the time, lol.
    Grateful for:
    Attending a chorus concert this evening for one of the grands.
    Gorgeous day
    Being in a good place


  2. I enjoy your comments, Cathy. Maybe because we agree on so many things. Ha. Ha. I do hear those silly M&M’s calling me again – but so far I have only had one tiny, trick or treat bag of them. Later we are going out to try a new restaurant – so I am being super good now – because I may not be at all good there!


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