Daily Sunshine

Purpose is Power

Today’s Sunshine:

Motivation Quotes:

purpose-John-R-Noe“Purpose is the engine, the power
that drives our lives.
John R Noe

Isn’t this cat picture amazing? I love it. I think this kitten’s purpose is probably to just have fun being outside on the grass. Maybe we should all have such free and fun purpose.

I tend to find wonderful quotes like these – and while they are inspirational and a bit motivating they don’t seem to get me off the couch when I want to take a nap? Some days I feel like I am much older than 62. Hmmm. Probably not doing enough of something. Like exercising, eating better, getting better sleep. All the quotes in the world don’t seem to take the place of that!

Oh well, I am fine with life as it is. I am moving forward just not at as fast a pace as I once did.

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Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Lovely drive to Hood River.
2. Fun pre-look at Panorama Lodge for family reunion. Amazing view of Mt. Hood.
3. Figured out how to get my EIN number which is one more step forward.

Sunshine Puzzles

Cat and Snowmen puzzles.

preview80 piecePurpose-John-R-Noe

preview35 pieceDb4152a37872f6f2940c393e50ac7d3e

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3 thoughts on “Purpose is Power”

  1. I know what you mean. At this time of year, the colder and often sunless days make getting motivated and off the couch especially challenging. Seasonal affective disorder? I wonder if one of those bright lights really would help? What is a EIN number?


    1. Hi June! The lights actually do help. I found out when I got one for my mom and just being in front of it for a while when I was visiting her cheered me up. Later when she passed I kept her light and I do use it when the days get dreary to many in a row.

      The EIN is a federal tax number – for business identification and it allows not to be charged tax for buying goods that will go for sale in stores, etc. so that the same product is not charged tax twice. That’s my understanding anyway. Still learning all this stuff.


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