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Risk Failure

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Risk-FailureRisk Failure
Glenn Van Ekeren

Last night I had a dream in which my mom came to visit us here in Vancouver. It wasn’t the sort of dream that had any deep meaning or message. Just a mish mash of things I had thought of during the day and seen on TV before going to bed. But it was nice to have my mom drop in like that.

It’s funny but after some one dearly loved has been gone for a long period of time you think you have forgotten what they looked like a bit and how they reacted to things and then in a dream they pop up and everything is like they just left the day before.

It didn’t leave me sad just sort of connected. Which is nice.

I think our lives are much more connected with the past, the present and the future than we can comprehend. Don’t have any deep thoughts or bits of wisdom about but I think we are more entwined with all of life around us than we know.

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Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Finally made all the  corrections in the book (again) and ready to print.
2. Still enjoying my book and hoping for a few minutes before bed to read some more!
3. I asked a friend (Fr. Richard Ganz) for a recipe for his mom’s cranberry sauce and heard back today that it’s on its way. Can’t wait. I only had it once but it was so good.

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