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Michelle-Obama---STEP-OUTStep out of your comfort zones and Soar
Michelle Obama

I am trying to pep myself up to step out of my own comfort zones. I listen to a motivational recording and get all excited about possibilities  . . . and then I have to do them?


How’s that going to happen?

Here is something that I have found out about stepping too far out of my comfort zone.

If it seems too big and too scary for me to do something there is a 99.9 per cent chance that I will NOT do it.

Maybe big, gigantic steps are great for super, pepped up risk takers but I have found for me that my Chicken level has a big, hairy, scary emergency break and if something is just way too unimaginable for me to do . . .

I simply won’t do it.

The first time I came face to face with this was when I was about 24 and I had just gone to listen to a very powerful speaker on stepping out in faith. This guy was so good that I was filled with the thought that I needed to do something big with my faith.

Something really big.

So I came up with the idea that I needed to be more daring and courageous in my faith walk. The next day when I went to a Naval Reserve meeting I decided I was going to get up and tell everyone about how great and wonderful God was.

I went to bed so excited about doing this HUGE thing that I could hardly sleep. The next morning I got in my uniform and got in my car and started to drive to the base.

Guess what?

Half way there I just said, “No way!” and I turned the car around and I didn’t go at all!

How over the top dumb was that?

I could have just gone and not said anything, right? I mean nobody knew I was going to step out into the arena and face the lions? I could have just gone and attended the weekend as usual.

But somehow it was all or nothing and I went for nothing.

And if anyone knows how the military works – not showing up – is like way not good.

And basically after that I just stopped doing the Naval Reserve thing at all. Really.

It took me a while to forgive myself and get on with a faith walk I could handle.

I learned that for me – moderation in “stepping out” is much better than being over the top crazy with it.

Isn’t it funny how I find these great quotes and then offer another side to them?

Not that I won’t use them to pep myself up – but if something is just way too dang uncomfortable for me, than I give myself permission to not do it.

So I leave with my favorite of favorite quotes.

“There is no such thing as too little a step in the right direction.”

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Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Found ANOTHER mistake in my book that I have to fix. But I am just fixing it without freaking out. Mostly.
2. Two days until our first Wedding anniversary. Nice.
3. Stepped out a bit in action today by calling a Senior Activity director to see if I can come sometime and give a simple and fun puzzle presentation.

Sunshine Puzzles

Cat and Snowmen puzzles.

preview63 pieceMichelle-Obama—STEP-OUT

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1 thought on “Take little steps”

  1. It is difficult to step out of our comfort zone. The anticipation , the feelings of anxiety and fear can be crippling at times. I remember when I did my first public speaking, I felt like I was having an outer body experience, it was dreadful. Yet, all was received well and it was me who experienced all the angst and anxiety. One step at a time and then you go to two steps at a time.
    Grateful for:
    Peaceful morning
    Another day


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