Christmas, Daily Sunshine

Give what you have

Today’s Sunshine:


“Give what you have to someone
it may be better than you dare to think.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This Saturday I am going to have a Puzzle Class or demonstration at a Senior Living Center. Not quite sure how it will go but I am looking forward to it. Hopefully a few people will actually want to attend. The center is having a “Winter Wonderland” day and my activity will just be one of many so who knows who my competition will be? Anyway a chance to get started giving presentations and that is a good thing.

I am making a free 8 page Puzzle booklet based on the theme of Winter. Almost done with it – will share it with you tomorrow (if I get it done) as a free download or if you would like to receive one in the mail would be glad to send you one.

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Having fun planning Saturday presentation
2. Fun call with two of my brothers the last few days. Christmas time is good for making  those calls one always puts off I think!
3. Almost done with Christmas cards and decorating.

Sunshine Puzzles

Christmas, Cat and Snowmen puzzles.

preview48 pieceChristmas-9p

preview140 piecePurrfect Christmas – Linda Jane Smith


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2 thoughts on “Give what you have”

  1. The presentation at the Senior Living Center will be a big success. I am sure many people will come. Always nice to talk to family.
    Grateful another day.
    Good family and friends


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