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A glimpse of God

Today’s Sunshine:


Every true friend is a glimpse of God
Lucy Larcom

Well lately I have been struggling to keep positive and motivated about working on my business. My great tendency is to blast off with a great start and whimper to a feeble forward motion as the days go by. Then this afternoon I got a “sales letter” from a copywriter that I follow about making goals. It was of course a pitch to buy a program which after reading I was eager to do – but with age comes a bit of common sense – and so I found a book by the author of the program as a library download.

I think it is doing the trick. I am already feeling a bit more hopeful about 2019. And that is only a few chapters into the book. If I read the whole book it might really help. You never know.

When I was in the monastery I used to find a good “saint” book to read and that would pick me up and push me to heights of accomplishment. Don’t really have the same zeal for reading “saint” books but I did pray this afternoon for some help and motivation and I read the above email from Ray Edwards and felt inspired to find the book.

“Your Best Year Ever: A 5 Step plan for achieving your most important goals.” by Michael Hyatt.

Basically it is about adjusting one’s belief system. Which is pretty spiritual I think if I apply it that way. Anyway here are a few quotes I copied down for myself.

“Our expectations shape what we believe is possible,
they shape our perceptions and actions.
That means they also shape the outcomes.
And that means they shape our reality.”

The first key difference between an unmet goal and personal success is the belief that it can be achieved.

What I truly and truly and positively need to put down as a goal is to sell the 1400 t-shirts that I have in boxes in our basement. That would be a very wondrous and miraculous goal. Going to work on. Let you know how it goes.

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Finding inspiration from Ray Edwards and Michael Hyatt
2. Loving my husband, Jon
3. Almost done with Christmas card sending!

Sunshine Puzzles

Christmas, Cat and Snowmen puzzles.

preview63 pieceChristmas-11p

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3 thoughts on “A glimpse of God”

  1. 1. Renewing inspiration
    2. Thankful for God, family & friends and pets
    3. Thankful cards and shopping done – now to celebrate the true reason for the season….
    Blessings to all for a super day of renewed goals and energy!


  2. All will come together with your business, little by little it is happening.
    Grateful for
    Sutures coming out on Monday
    A moment of silence and thought (meditation)
    Delicious glass of ice tea


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