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Those who are happiest

Today’s Sunshine:

christmas-12p“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”
Booker T. Washington

Love this quote – it puts things in perspective when the old year is winding down and I start thinking about goals and plans for the new year. Happiness goals. Hmmm. Nice thought.

I am reading a book about goal setting and one thing this author said was to write a list of 50 things one is thankful for. He said it changes your whole perspective on things and gives you new energy and enthusiasm for what is going on with your life right now.

I started making my list in my head and it was rather amazing. I mean sometimes I find it difficult to come up with my “three sunshine moments” every day – but when I tried to think of 50 things surprisingly it was much more freeing! It was like anything goes.

I will do that now. Just for fun and see how long it takes me.

  1. Good health
  2. I can see
  3. I can hear
  4. Touch
  5. Taste
  6. Have friends
  7. Have family
  8. Have a good husband
  9. Have nice pets, Buddy, Andre and Pudge
  10. Love to eat food and enjoy it
  11. Enough food to eat
  12. A nice place to live
  13. Books to read
  14. Go to the library whenever I want
  15. An iphone 5 that I can text and look things up. I use it a lot!
  16. Websites that I enjoy working on
  17. Puzzle books that are fun to create
  18. 30 minute walk every day
  19. Fun TV shows to watch at night
  20. Popcorn! Whenever I want to make it.
  21. Cooking things. All the food necessary to make most anything I want
  22. Able to shop weekly for food without worry.
  23. Warm bed at night
  24. Warm clothes to wear
  25. My Social Security check (it is nice!)
  26. VA benefits for health care
  27. Coffee!
  28. M&M’s – plain, peanut and caramel. I am getting addicted
  29. My Kindle. Almost 5 years old but still works fine. 🙂
  30. Youtube videos to watch that instruct on almost anything!
  31. Daily journaling. I have so many notebooks but nice to look back and review sometimes.
  32. A nice office to work in
  33. A great office chair – Jon’s present to me.
  34. Christmas tree and lights and even a few presents under the tree.
  35. Running water. I grew up rather poor and sometimes we didn’t have water or electricity so I appreciate those things!
  36. A nice music system (Jon’s) with lots of music to listen to whenever we want.
  37. A good plumber! Had to do the “rotor rooter” thing today!
  38. Netflix movies – we subscribe and get one or two discs a week. Very fun.
  39. Daily newspaper
  40. Watch daily news – local and national. I enjoy that.
  41. Living in the United States of America
  42. Able to vote and have a change of government without bloodshed.
  43. A garden – for those rare moments I want to do it.
  44. Beautiful sunsets
  45. Listening to the rain while being warm and dry inside
  46. Able to do housework and take care of the house easily
  47. Going out for pizza! Doing that tonight
  48. A good car to drive and best of all Jon does the driving mostly.
  49. Our own washer and dryer so we don’t have to go out of the house.
  50. Lovely kitchen, house all around.

Wow! That didn’t take hardly any time at all. You should try it. Is fun. You don’t have to share (unless you want to) – just nice to see how many things you can come up with when you start.

And before I go a quick update on the Puzzle activity I did at the Senior Center. It was very fun. I enjoyed doing it a lot but it won’t be a “marketing outreach” strategy which I thought it might be. The sweet ladies that attended (there were five) enjoyed the puzzles I think but it was pretty hard for them. I think they were a bit older than I was thinking. But I would do it again just for the joy of being with them. They were fun!

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Writing 50 thankful things
2. A break in the rain this afternoon so we took our walk
3. Some new books to read from the library. Just got back from a quick trip. I love to find books online – put them on hold – and pick them up when available.

Sunshine Puzzles

Christmas, Cat and Snowmen puzzles.

preview63 pieceChristmas Angels

preview20 pieceSnowman Family

More Games: | Waffle | Mahjong |Free Words | AARP Games

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1 thought on “Those who are happiest”

  1. Hi Pat, Ignore my first reply , i had not opened this message yet, lol. So glad all went well on Saturday, I am thrilled. Wonderful there were 5 people, good to start small and build, this way you had more one on one with them also if it was needed. You are doing all that is to do for building a business. So happy for you. I like the 50 Gratefuls. Very nice.
    Grateful for:
    My kids and grand kids


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