Daily Sunshine

Don’t wait

Today’s Sunshine:

Cat-with-quote-2“Don’t wait for something outside of yourself
to make you happy in the future.”

Earl Nightingale

Moving the cat feeding station worked! I did not get a meow call all night. Yea.

Decided to move back into the “praying for miracles” mode. It just makes life a little more adventurous and exciting knowing that things don’t have to depend totally on myself.

I read all these self-help articles and feel excited about turning my life around but mostly I don’t stick with anything long enough to prove it does or doesn’t work. Then I get discouraged and down on myself.

But miracles from God – those could happen anywhere, anytime and do – so why not get into that mode?

I figure anything that helps me to feel a little more optimistic about life is a good thing. Heaven knows the political situation, the global weather situation, the terrorist situation and a host of other scary situations are all enough to pop anyone’s balloon.

Will keep you posted as the miracles appear.

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Good appetite. Really, that’s a good thing.
2. Busy, busy traffic on freeway. Had an appointment and Christmas gift delivery. Made it too and fro with no trouble. That’s a blessing.
3. Taking an afternoon nap.

Sunshine Puzzles

Christmas, Cat and Snowmen puzzles.

preview63 pieceK

preview100 piece

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2 thoughts on “Don’t wait”

  1. Glad to hear you are planning to get back into the praying for a miracle mode. It works, Patricia. Not always as quickly as we would like–but after 12 years of prayer, two of the small miracles I was praying for happen this holiday season! Praise the Lord, it wasn’t the lonely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner as it has been the the past dozen years. I wasn’t alone those past 12 years, but a party of two celebrating isn’t like being with a family of 40+ family members, all in the same city that you live in.


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