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Friendship improves happiness

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Today’s Sunshine:

cat-with-quote-10“Friendship improves happiness”
Marcus Tullius Cicero

I just thought of a good idea for a movie. What if (think Twilight Zone here) after you died the only people you spend eternity with are those you become friends with while living. Wouldn’t that make a whole shift on what was important for living today?

I don’t think that is how it is but it would make an interesting movie I think.

I do remember reading a book which said it “wasn’t” fiction but I think it was. Anyway the book was about after you die you go into a sort of zone that follows whatever you were passionate about or interested the most in while on earth. So there was a separate zone for scientists and one for writers and one for whatever.

Now me, I would probably be in the zone called “Butterfly’s” as I rather flit from one thing to another.

I finally have my first puzzle book back up on Amazon and I checked through 101 pages of people who have published Word Search books and I did not find my book. It is way, way down in the depths of the book world. Sort of like lost in space.

But not worried. Everything takes time and work and most of all persistence. That’s my weak point but I’m staying with this. In the meantime I am studying all sorts of things like SEO, and advertising and etc. Kind of fun. Do not want to end up in heaven doing this though. I’m still thinking the puppy and kitten department would be best.

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. Lost power last night but restored in four hours. Great.
2. Playing puzzles with a cup of Chai tea
3. Continuing to read James Comey’s book and liking it. A bit heavy to read as he is such an intellectual and I’m not but nevertheless it is thought provoking and interesting.

Sunshine Puzzles

Cat and Snowmen puzzles.

preview70 piece

preview88 pieceRodionova, Tatyana A Russian Winter View

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