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The greatest barrier we face

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Today’s Sunshine:

1-catbb“The greatest barrier to success is fear –
fear of change, fear of loss, fear of not being able to progress,
fear of failure.”
Adam Houghe

I think fear is not such a bad thing. It’s a part of being alive. Something that keeps us from stepping too close to the edge of a cliff or stepping into the middle of a busy highway. Paying attention to fear is rational, sensible and in many ways responsible.
But letting fear take control of moving forward is not a good thing. After all sometimes we need to cross the busy highway to get to a new destination. In that case, we have to be aware of the fear, look both ways for a break in traffic and then go.
I can honestly say that I have made some big leaps through my fears in my life so far. Joining the Navy, leaving the Navy. Joining the Monastery, leaving the monastery. Living on my own, deciding to get married. Each leap meant dealing with a lot of fear.
And almost every time I did make the decision (except for getting married) there was a long period of adjustment when I wasn’t sure I had made the right decision. In fact, sometimes I made a commitment that I was sure was the wrong one. I can still remember a week or two into boot camp thinking this was not the best decision of my life.
But what is the biggest, freeing thing for me about facing fear is that no matter what I will probably live through it.
Most of our fears are not life threatening. They might seem to be, that cold, sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach when we think about it – but usually fears faced lose their power.
Sometimes not. But still we survive and move forward.
At my stage in life I think about the Big Leap into eternity and what that will mean. No idea. I have a lot of “hopes” about it but who knows?

Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:
1. The end of my book had a good, happy ever after ending. Whew! Thought it wasn’t going to happen.
2. Morning walk without rain
3. Touch of flu but not very bad.

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4 thoughts on “The greatest barrier we face”

  1. Feel better. I agree with all of the above you posted, a great post. You know you can use VA Benefits for health benefits and also for home loans and education. Just a thought. I never thought of that before.
    Grateful for :
    Getting a lot accomplished around the house.
    Peace and Quiet


    1. I actually found out I could get health benefits this year – so I am into that system. 🙂 What a blessing that is!
      So glad you got a lot accomplished around your house. Please come over! 🙂
      Love your daily comments – thanks so much!


  2. Hope you feel better. I think we all do things in life that we say …”whatever was I thinking. “I think that is really for many a leap of faith and we do survive and grow from the experience. I also think that, at least in my case there are such a thing as a temporary vocation. God puts us in a position to give Him undivided attention while getting us ready for whatever we are meant to do next.


  3. Maybe everyday is a new vocation! Could be. I mean life does change from one day to the next and to keep up with it all we have to change as well. My two cents to add to yours and we should have a nickel by now! 🙂


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