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A slightly new direction for this blog

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sunshine Today’s Sunshine:

“Aim for the sky,
but move slowly, enjoying every step
along the way.”

Chandra Kochhar


I am one day into the course of the 31 days challenge . . .

BUT I decided I also needed to backtrack and work on Darrew Rowse’s free “Ultimate Guide to starting a blog” first.

I had started it a long time ago so now I am scrambling to get it done before I get too far behind with the 31 days.

The big assignment I needed to work on was to ” Map out the Change You Want to Bring About in Your Readers.”

Truthfully that jumped me off the cliff right there. I have never even thought about the “change” I want my readers (yes, that’s you) to experience.

Sorry, I’ve just been sort of bungling along.

Basically my blogging has been how I used to fish as a kid. Get on the raft with my two brothers, throw my line over the edge with a worm on it and wait for a fish to bite. Get a couple of little sunfish and head for home.

Now, with this program I am supposed to do things a bit better. Be thoughtful, focused, have a plan.

So , anyway for better or for worse here are my thoughts for Mapping out the Change for this blog.

Basically my mission will be to encourage myself and you to take small steps to achieve small goals that lead up to Big Achievements.

Or not.

I mean really just achieving the small goal is enough. One goal at a time kind of thing.

Truthfully I am so old now (62 and aging) that I really am pathetically satisfied with achieving small goals and calling it a celebration.

At any rate I am coming up with a plan of sorts.

One: Provide a daily motivational quote like I have been doing.

Two: Give brief daily updates on a small goal I am working on as encouragement to start your own.

Three: Possibly – just possibly – start a 101 book again. Which is sort of a HUGE goal which is also sort of saying I’m not totally satisfied with being pathetic. And maybe encourage you to work today a BIG goal as well.

And there is a sort of idea floating out there that I might create a Small Goal Planner to offer as a free download. It will be based on a 5 Day goal planner this one lady did that I totally loved! If I can find her still doing it I might just link to hers. Though I might do it quite a bit different . . . and provide my version and link to hers. Won’t be better I’m sure just different.

My Goal Planner as (inspiration raises it’s little head) will also have an aspect of BIG. Which is my acronym for Believe In God.

So basically what we have here is

Small Goal

Big God

Small Steps

Let’s see what miracles happen!

sunshine Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:

1. Sunshine! Hop, skip, jump, clap hands. I love sunshine.
2. Moving forward with blog course in hopefully an exciting way.
3. Having fun with Pinterest course as well.

sunshine Sunshine Puzzles

More puzzles Cat and Snowmen puzzles.

preview35 pieceSmall-steps-1a

preview99 pieceWindmills~ Sung Kim

sunshine More Games: | Waffle | Mahjong |Free Words | AARP Games

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4 thoughts on “A slightly new direction for this blog”

  1. I love your blog as it is and you will do a great blog going forward. You write from the heart which I think is wonderful.
    Grateful for:
    2 of the grands winning bball tournaments
    Dinner with another grand and great grand and Ron and daughter in law
    Hamburgers for dinner


  2. Thanks Cathy – yes I think some of the changes will be good. I am not going to be super strict with myself though because that never lasts. 🙂 Hamburgers for dinner are always good!

    Hurrah for your grand kids basketball teams! Way to go. 🙂


  3. I agree with Cathy, I love your blog as it is. Your honesty is amazing

    Change is sometimes hard but can also be rewarding


  4. I also agree with Charlotte and Cathy. I love how honest you are in your writing. Another
    101 book would be great…only if it fits into your life. You have my support! God Bless!


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