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Gift of Friendship

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sunshine Today’s Sunshine:

cat-with-quote-14“Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions.
All life is an experiment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Buddy time

Today we had our first warm day in a while. Up to sixty degrees. Buddy spent most of the day outside on the deck picking up some rays.

He did come in a few minutes ago to go through his bathing routine though.

Kathryn asked that I write more about the folks who run the house – so guess I had better give them some more air time.

Pudge and Andre time

Warm weather. Very nice. Pudge thinks it’s a great time to bark every time the kids playing next door get a little excited. He thinks it’s such fun.

I don’t.

Andre says if Pudge is barking than I’m going to.

I don’t think that is a good idea.

Jon and I take turns barking at the dogs barking.

Such fun. The neighbors must really enjoy us.

sunshine Today’s Three Sunshine (Gratitude) Moments:

1. Sunshine. Tomorrow we are back to rain. But wonderful today!
2. Time to start dinner. I’m hungry. Grateful to have food to cook and eat.
3. Waiting for mail man. Supposed to deliver a sample hoodie from my store. Anxious to see how it looks.

sunshine Sunshine Puzzles

More puzzles Cat and Snowmen puzzles.

preview54 pieceCat-with-quote-14
This puzzle is a repeat. Late for cooking dinner! 🙂

preview88 piecePlayful kittens

sunshine More Games: | Waffle | Mahjong |Free Words | AARP Games

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1 thought on “Gift of Friendship”

  1. Buddy is so pretty. The dogs are barking they want to get out there with the kids for fun.
    Grateful for:
    Excellent health care
    Loving family
    Chocolate chip cookies


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