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So this is something new for me. I am letting go of the “need” to have a popular blog and simply doing this because I like doing it. I am writing what I feel like writing. How brazen is that?

I have read and read all the stuff about how “bad” this kind of blogging is but it’s the sort of casual blogging I have been doing for years and so in this case I guess I am stuck in my comfort zone.

I find it very freeing to not have an agenda. A should do, must do and don’t forget to do kind of thing. I suppose there is still a squeaking desire to be wildly popular somewhere in the scrunched down depths of me but I’m not encouraging it.

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I love learning new things and  I often share what every shiny object or fluttering butterfly grabs my fancy. I absolutely love Pinterest – and you can catch up with me there as well.

Trying to get into Facebook – but I have the world’s slowest learning curve on this.

Taking a jump into Instagram – will see how that goes!

About me on a personal note.  I come from a large family. My mom was Protestant and my dad Catholic. When it came to “kids” the Catholic side won out and I have seven brothers and three sisters. Three of my brothers and one sister have moved to Heavenly Acres but still very much a part of our thoughts and love. The rest of us are very close and we get together whenever we can.

After I left high school I joined the Navy for four years (got into a bit of trouble but honorably discharged), followed by a bit of Naval Reserve time. A year or two after I was out the first death in my immediate family occurred with my older brother Mike dying from a seizure. I went into a tailspin after that and decided I needed to be more heavenly minded.

So I became a contemplative nun.

This lasted about 28 years until I started feeling trapped and enclosed (we lived cloistered inside a block wide monastery) and after about 8 months of counseling at Guest House (Residential Catholic addiction treatment center) I made the decision to leave. (I was not addicted to drugs or alcohol but I had problems!) In 2011 I was dispensed from my vows.

I married my best friend Jon in 2017 and together we have grand-kids (his but I’m claiming them), two dogs and a cat. We live in Vancouver, Washington.Wedding picture - 2017 Jon and Patty Grasher

I am still caught up in loving God, life and people but not in such a structured, hour by hour monastic way. Life enfolds new every moment and that’s my agenda – to be open to it.

My latest BIG job is to finish my memoir and publish it!

Love to hear from you any time – email me or drop me a text (360) 949-0829