Hell-o there!

Glad you stopped by!

So this is something new for me. I am letting go of the “need” to have a popular blog and simply doing this because I like doing it. I am writing what I feel like writing. How brazen is that?

I have read and read all the stuff about how “bad” this kind of blogging is but it’s the sort of casual blogging I have been doing for years and so in this case I guess I am stuck in my comfort zone.

I have only written four posts so far and I find it very freeing to not have an agenda. A should do, must do and don’t forget to do kind of thing. I suppose there is still a squeaking desire to be wildly popular somewhere in the scrunched down depths of me but I’m not encouraging it.

I do have a newsletter if you would like to join it – BUT – I am only going to send it out once a month.

Click here if you want to follow the daily blog . I’m doing this on a Monday through Friday basis so be warned! If your email box is bloated, burping and grumpy you might not want to do that. Just saying. Though of course it’s pretty darn easy to unsubscribe with the link at the bottom of each post.

I love learning new things and  I often share what every shiny object or fluttering butterfly grabs my fancy. I absolutely love Pinterest – and you can catch up with me there as well.

Trying to get into Facebook – but I have the world’s slowest learning curve on this.  

About me on a personal note is that I was a contemplative nun for 28 years and then for long and various reasons I left. Now I am happily married to my best friend, Jon and together we have Grandkids (his but I’m claiming them too) and two dogs and a cat.

I am still caught up in loving God, life and people but not in such a structured, hour by hour monastic way. Life enfolds new every moment and that’s my agenda – to be open to it.

Love to hear from you any time – email me or drop me a text (360) 949-0829