Book Progress, New Job, Life is Good

Governor Inslee visiting the Fort Vancouver Bookstore

Book Progress, New Job, Life is Good

Book Progress

Book progress hit a snag (of course) when I decided I didn’t know what in the heck I was doing and decided to take more time learning the craft of fiction writing before diving into it. Moving forward with that – but kicking the deadline out the window and it will be done when it’s done . . . one year or two – better it’s better than not!

New Job

One of the Facebook groups I follow here in Vancouver is with the Friends of Fort Vancouver group.

One day I saw that they were looking to hire a part time bookstore associate. Of all the places I had thought would be fun to work at was their bookstore. Not only had I visited it a number of times, they carried my Vancouver t-shirts and puzzle books and Mary Rose the head of the Friends of Vancouver had become a friend as well when she helped me with some historical research.

So I applied for the job and they hired me! So far I have worked two weekends and it’s probably one of the nicest jobs I have ever had. The people I work with are wonderful, the customers are either on vacation or not in a rush so the demand to be super seller is laid back and I love all the historical products I am surrounded with.

It even fits in with my desire to write a historical novel – just a win/win job. Oh and it’s only two days a week so I am basically retired five days a week and have play box time for two.

The funniest thing though was on my very first day of work, (in training) who should show up to look for a book was Governor Jay Inslee. He was there to give a talk on moving forward with going into a new stage of Covid living. I have admired the governor for some time and it was nice to find out what a friendly and nice person he is in person.

The joke at home of course became, “Well, if the Governor shows up on your first day it’s only a matter of time till the President shows up . . . ”

How are you doing?

Would love to hear how things are going with you. I know its been weeks since last writing.

No promises to keep up with life here – I just don’t know. But I am going to keep this blog going and perhaps with more things going on in my life for the moment, I will have a few more interesting tidbits to share.

Gratitude Moments

If you would like, please add “your” three gratitude moments in the comments. It’s a great way to pick up your day and it’s fun for the rest of us to read!

  1. Fully vaccinated! Yay. A week more to go till fully cleared but so thankful.
  2. Good health (except for a bit of an abscessed tooth but on the mend with that).
  3. Lots of things I’m working on, learning new things and enjoying life very much.

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6 Responses

  1. I’v been reading for years and always look forward to hearing from you. You are news from home, what is happening and humor and beauty in your posts. I also have read almost all the books you’ve written. Thanks for letting us hear about and you.

    1. Thanks for commenting Rosemary! I know we have been friends a long time! Hope all is well with you. 🙂

  2. Hi, So wonderful to hear from you. Congratulations on the job. Being outside your home and around all the historical books will be stimulating , especially with writing your book. It sounds perfect. You want to enjoy writing, so not putting a deadline on it is the best to do. Since you and Jon are both retired, every day is a Saturday.
    All well here, still tap dancing via zoom, we may be back in class by July. Went back to tai chi class and I have meditation classes on zoom and also in person in class.
    We bought a little place in WV to use for a vacation place. Needs lots of work, hopefully this summer we will be able to enjoy the place. It is not a cabin, it is a small house at the top of the mountain. Our view is trees, a fella down the road has the million dollar view. It is quiet and peaceful. There are bears, fox, deer, snakes and more snakes and all sorts of wild creatures and beautiful birds.
    Grateful for:
    Re-opening of our world
    Food on the table
    So wonderful hearing from you , I enjoy your blog so much.


    1. Hi Cathy. Oh my your vacation place sounds absolutely wonderful. I suppose you could cut down the trees and have a million dollar view as well – but I vote for keeping the trees! 🙂

      I had to Google West Virginia winters to see if you would get a lot of snow there – and it looks like you would. Do you plan to winter visit as well?

      Love to hear more about it as your work and vacation days proceed. Hope you have more vacation than work. 😉

      1. Hi, The place in the mountains does not have central heat, so a tad cold with just a pellet stove in the winter. Plus you would not want to get stuck on top of the mountain. The road up there is quite rugged. Actually horrible, lol. Take 15 to 20 minutes to get up the mountain, you have to go very slow.
        Tons of trees, clearing in the front than the road and than trees across the road. It is a 2 acre lot we have. It is nice and quiet. Will be nice to go there and have some away time and peaceful away time. So many times we go away and it is rush , busy non stop doing things. The house is 2 bedrooms. little but very cute.

  3. Hi, Patty – Great to hear from you!
    So happy for your job – Who doesn’t want to work in a nice bookstore!?
    Good for you!
    Keep writing,
    Roby Lawrence

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