Coming Soon . . . Bonnie’s Bones

Coming Soon . . . Bonnie’s Bones

I have decided that working on the Vancouver Guidebook – is just soooo much work. With soooo little results. And so I’m putting it on the backburner on low and let it simmer for a bit while I pop back into Cozy Mystery writing.

Now this adventure may have as little results as the above as this bit of Google fact should discourage any wannabe author.

“Almost 11,000 books are published daily. This works out to around 457 titles an hour and 8 titles a minute. Feb 21, 2023″

But writing a mystery story is just more fun. I think. Course this will be my first Cozy Mystery so I am still in the happy, imagining stage and the Muddle Middle Doldrums will hit me eventually . . . but I’m ready to give it a go.

Luckily when I started this Cozy Writing bit a couple of years ago I saved every little bit of research, writing and brainstorming so I am actually ready to hit the floor running.

Well, sort of. Before I was going to write a historical Cozy but this time I decided to just write a plain cozy. One with a ghost. With a bit of a historical tidbit coming in as a ghost. All ghosts have some kind of history . . .

My ghost’s name is Bonnie – and she was mysteriously murdered in a hidden closet that she had converted to a reading spot (even had a window) for escaping whatever unpleasant situation she wanted to avoid.

Unfortunately . . .

It was not hidden from everyone. Someone murdered her there. Not good. It’s a hundred years later and she is still mad about it.

Anyway . . .

My plan is to share bits and pieces along this new excursion with this blog and Facebook and get feedback from those who would like to join the journey.

And of course be the first to get a free copy . . .

Which if you are subscribed to the newsletter you will receive first notice. 🙂



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  1. Hi,

    Wonderful to hear from you and eager to read your first Cozy Mystery. I adore Cozy Mysteries.

    We are in the midst of a home reno. Now – that could be a murder mystery. Laughing out loud.

    One of our grands is heading off to college next week, her first year. Hope she likes being over 4 hours away from home. All in all, all is well.

    So good hearing from you.



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