Daily October 9, 2023

Larry in one of his favorite poses

Daily October 9, 2023

Larry in one of his favorite poses

Into a New Direction

For the last ten years or so since leaving the Monastery I have been very up and down starting new projects. Some I actually completed and some fell splat after a month or two.

Now I am on a new project to write Cozy Mystery Books. I have always wanted to write fiction and I decided at 67 better get started. 

At any rate as far as this newsletter goes I’ve been even more up and down with it. Like sending one out every six months or so . . . well that is changing. 

I’m now going to (gasp) send out a daily update. 

If your email box is like mine you will probably want to unsubscribe now. See below.

If you’re not into Cozy reads and daily chatter about writing (maybe you want to write a cozy too?), cats (Fred & Larry), book reviews on cozies I like, a fun cartoon or image . . . oh! And of course online jigsaw puzzles because I’m still a bit addicted to that. 

But this is going to be a daily or thereabouts. So if it’s just going to add to your clutter – please unsubscribe with no hard feelings. 

In a few weeks I will be going live with a local radio program . . . NW Book Talk – so might be sharing about that as well.

This new direction is totally old school – witless ramblings perhaps and worthless probably but I seem to be better at doing something small daily than more complicated serious. 



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