Every Cat Should Have a Window

Freddie's garage window

Every Cat Should Have a Window

Freddie's garage window

We have two cats in our house. Freddie is a feral rescue who lives  mostly downstairs in our TV room and the garage. He comes in the upstairs a bit in the morning and evening to check things out but mostly he wants his space and freedom from Scary Larry our adopted cat from the Humane’s Society. 

Because the downstairs doesn’t have proper windows, just narrow ones  near the ceiling there wasn’t a good place for Freddie to just cat gaze. A very important requirement for a cat I think. So Jon fixed a board in our garage by the window so he can maintain his cat watch and make sure all things are safe in the neighborhood. 

It took a year and a half for Freddie to leave our front porch and come inside the garage. Now he does not want to go out at all. I think it was scary for him being a 24 hour outside cat. We live on a busy street with raccoons and coyotes about so we don’t want him going out either.

Freddie thinks life is good with us and we think the same with Freddie.



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  1. This morning I was so mad at Larry! Freddie came in and monster Larry sat on him and started chewing on him like a play toy! Still acts like a kitten but he is so big. Out came the water bottle for Larry and back out to the garage rsced Freddie. ????

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