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My office on a typical morning.
My office on a typical morning.


Just getting into the swing again of doing a daily. Not sure if its a good idea or stupid . . . that’s how ideas go sometimes.

Here is a morning shot of my desk. As you can see clutter to the left, clutter to the right and you don’t even want to see the rest of my cluttered office. Though this probably is the worst. 

I could clean it all up and would only take me an hour or two but then  . . .  I lose momentum on what I should be doing and so I just push things aside and get going.

Keep getting these mental blocks working on my book such as this is too hard (because I am finding writing fiction is harder than nonfiction)  and its never going to make sense and why am I doing this?

So last night as I was winding down from the day it occurred to me that I need to think of it as playing a game. Like solitaire. You play a round, you lose, you just play another. No big deal. Maybe you feel like you are not as smart as you should be but it doesn’t stop you from hitting “New Game” or replaying the old one.

So that’s what I am going with today. Just playing – writing fiction is all about pretending anyway – so why get stressed?

Maybe I like being stressed. Maybe it makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile that I haven’t reverted to being a kid and just playing?

Well, enough of this rabbit hole talking. I’m off to another round of playing at writing a Cozy Mystery. How fun! 🙂 



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