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Writing a Cozy Mystery

Since I love to read cozy mysteries and I am now retired with time to do whatever I want – I decided I wanted to write a mystery story. Not sure how I made the decision to “just do it” but I am now on Chapter Two and enjoying every minute.

This is a possible cover I designed – I haven’t purchased the image yet which is why the word “alamy” is all over it. But it helps me to picture it as being a finished project.

It’s going to be a historical cozy as I want it to take place here in Vancouver but in the year 1908. This way I can continue my fascination with studying Vancouver history at the same time.

I have never written a mystery before so a lot of my time has been spent reading books about how to write one. The more I get into this the more I find there is to know. Not quite as simple as I thought it would be – but even though the challenge is overwhelming I’m going to get it done.

I found a program that is about writing a first draft of a book in 100 days – and after much consideration decided that having to be accountable to someone would be a great help. I do tend to start and stop things. So far it has been a very good decision.

My plan is to write the first draft by May 15, work on the second and third drafts, get it edited and have it published in November. I’m self-publishing and it’s very likely that my first attempt at doing this will take two or three book attempts before I make any sales but I just want to start and see how it goes.

Winter Snow

I have been here in Vancouver for five years and this is the first year we got so much snow. It looked like real winter for a few days. Thankfully it lasted only about three days and we are back into the 50’s.

Other than that it’s been very much a self-isolating existence. Morning walk, grocery shopping once or twice a week and a trip to the Post Office now and then just to get out. Exciting days.

How are you doing?

Once again it’s been weeks – months since I wrote – so would love to hear how you are doing as well.

Gratitude Moments

If you would like, please add “your” three gratitude moments in the comments. It’s a great way to pick up your day and it’s fun for the rest of us to read!

  1. So far no Covid. Thank goodness!
  2. Snow is almost gone. We had 8 1/2 inches which for Vancouver, WA is very unusual.
  3. Every day we are visited by a friendly cat. Well, not exactly friendly as he won’t let us pet him – but we give him food and he is very appreciative.

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6 Responses

  1. HI,

    So wonderful to hear from you and wow- congrats on writing a mystery. You know I will buy a copy or two. So happy for you. I love the cover.
    February has been an icy, sleety and snowy month for us in Northern Virginia. Winter is fine as long as there is sunlight.
    I was able to get my first covid vaccination, will get the 2nd the beginning of March.
    Our youngest son ( Rich) and his wife ( Amy )and family rescued a puppy ( Ellie)and she is so precious.
    I have been able to do my tap class via Zoom and my tai chi class via Zoom also meditation class.

    Grateful for:
    New Puppy Ellie in our family.
    Hot Chocolate with whip cream
    Hearing from you !

    1. Hi Cathy! Good to hear from you as well. Love to hear about Ellie does she visit often? I love puppies.

      I am seriously thinking of starting to write here more often to perhaps build up a mailing list for when my book comes out later this year. Haven’t had success in the past but perhaps with something to offer like a book and a new focus it might work. Just keep trying things.

      Tap and Chi by Zoom sounds like a good way to go. I should look into the Tai Chi part which I have done in the past.

      Happy to hear from you.

      1. Hi,
        Right now we are seeing Ellie weekly she is a doll. Almost 3 months old.
        A great idea to to write more on the site and let people know you are writing a book. A great idea.


  2. Hello there .. so good to hear from you!

    I wish you much luck with the this book. You’ve talked about it on and off for some time now.

    Snow! Snow! And More SNOW here in NJ along the coast. I wish it would stop already. One storm a few weeks ago dumped 18″. And several more storms since so our snow is going to be around for quite a while. Weather is SUPPOSED to warm up starting tomorrow so praying and crossing my fingers and toes so it melts already

    Hunting high and low and in the middle too to find a covid vacation. No luck so far.
    I’m in the same boat as many. Staying safe by doing next to nothing. Hard to believe it’s been one year of this already. Taking one day at a time with baby steps. This too shall pass

    Good luck with the book and look forward to your next email, whenever that is

    Grateful for:

    Good health, No covid so far
    Homemade cranberry nut bread
    No snow today

  3. So good to hear from you, it’s been so long! We had some snow here too, it’s really pretty to look at.
    Can’t wait for your book to be published, of course I’ll buy one for me and maybe some more for family members & friends. The cover is great!

    1. I’m thankful that I got my 2nd Covid vaccine this morning.
    2. I’m thankful that I am retired and don’t have to go out in the snowy weather.
    3. I am so thankful that I have wonderful neighbors that do much for me.

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