This was the third book I did in the Monastery. It is available on Amazon either as a Paperback or Kindle. All paperback sales go to support the monastery while the Sisters have graciously allowed Kindle sales to go to me.

Airport Confession

by Fr. Gary C. Caster  Washington, Illinois
Author of Mary, In Her Own Words: The Mother of God in Scripture by Servant Books—October 2006

I am a Catholic priest, and nearly six years ago I almost died. When the Lord spared my life for me, I decided to return home to California to regain my strength and be enveloped in the loving care of my family.

While waiting for my departure in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, I sat in a corner by myself reading a book about the life of my favorite saint, Therese of Lisieux. I wasn’t wearing my clerical clothing because they no longer fit, and I had decided to purchase new ones while I was home with my family.

While I was reading the book, a man cautiously approached me and asked if I were a Catholic priest. Trying to minimize my surprise I said, “I am.” He wondered if I might hear his confession, to which I agreed. He explained that long ago he had abandoned his faith, but when he found himself frightened to board a plane, he asked God to forgive his obstinacy and send him a priest. At the conclusion of his prayer he felt compelled to go to gate K-6, which was where I had planted myself. He saw me in the corner and just knew that I was the priest God sent.

He was right. I was in that place at that moment for this man to bare his soul. We spoke for almost an hour, but it seemed like mere minutes. He was a good man at heart who needed his life explained within the context of love and redemption, something I tried my best to do. One of the greatest moments of my priestly life was when I raised my hand to absolve him. If for no other reason, I believe that God spared my life for this man and his need to be forgiven.