This was the third book I did in the Monastery. It is available on Amazon either as a Paperback or Kindle. All paperback sales go to support the monastery while the Sisters have graciously allowed Kindle sales to go to me.


by Virginia Schmuck  – Portales, New Mexico

In 1942, I was baptized as an infant in the Presbyterian Church. Since my family was faithful and active in that church, there was no question as to where I would attend Sunday school and church services each week.

In 1972, I married my husband, Al, who was a lifelong Catholic, and relocated to where he was living. After I moved, I attended the Presbyterian Church a few times, but the Catholic Church, which had fascinated me since my childhood, drew me closer and closer. I began attending Mass, and the more I learned about the faith, the more I was convinced that the Catholic Church was where I belonged.

One day I was talking to the pastor of the Catholic parish, and although I hadn’t planned to, I heard myself telling him that I wanted to become Catholic. My first question to him was, “When may I go to confession?” “Tomorrow,” he replied. I was thrilled and went home to search my soul and to prepare to confess all my transgressions. I never experienced the least bit of apprehension, but only joyful anticipation.

My first confession lasted a rather long time, but after I received absolution, I was filled with an unbelievable sense of God’s love and peace. What a reassurance of God’s forgiveness! To this day, each time I receive the sacrament I feel great happiness and peace, and the overwhelming need and desire to praise and thank my God.