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The last roses of Autumn in Vancouver, Washington

Yesterday started out a bit crazy and then continued crazy until finally life returned to normal in the late afternoon. 

I don’t know who changed the dial for the day from normal to crazy but somehow it got changed and we had to go with it. Most of it started with what we thought might be a serious medical issue for a loved one, but turned out wasn’t. Thank goodness!

Anyway it turned the day topsy-turvy as those kind of things do. Today, I’m like, any more shoes to drop?

Hopefully not. 

In fact the day looks like its going to be so normal I didn’t even know what to take a picture of for the day so went outside and took a last (probably) photo of some roses along our driveway.

Now here is the thing about taking pictures. You point your camera at one tiny slice of the panorama and it looks so different from what the whole scene comprises.

In this instance it was lots of fog and cars rushing by on the road. It doesn’t show that in the picture. Not at all. I carefully cropped it that way.  Which perhaps is how we do with sharing on the internet.

Just a tiny bit of something that conveys an entire different look at what our whole life might consist of at that moment.

No, I’m not in any major, life changing event other than getting a bit overwhelmed with trying to write a cozy mystery when I don’t really know what in the heck I’m doing. 

But just saying.

Our life consists of so many, many pieces and only a very few of them we think are impactful but in truth they probably all are. 

I’m not saying I can figure life out, because I can’t. Maybe some beauty in that. Maybe.



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