One Year Later . . .

one year later

One Year Later . . .

one year later

Since it has been almost a full year since I wrote a post on this site . . . and since I am heavily into procrastinating on something else I should be doing – I decided to take an hour break and write a post on this site.

No promises as to whether this will continue or not – I’m past that fairy tale belief I will commit to such an outlandish idea but for the moment here I am with an update on life in Vancouver.

A few weeks away from being a full year working in the bookstore at Fort Vancouver. Still a very fun job and still learning how to do things and give people the correct change (something they always seem to insist on).

In the last year our big dog Andre died in August, my beloved Buddy in November and currently Pudge (my dog) is not doing so well either.

Life does not go on.

Just doesn’t.

Fred, a local stray cat has graciously decided to move in and take residence of which we are both extremely devoted and delighted. He lived on our porch for about a year before deciding to take the risk to stroll inside the garage and then after a bit more time consent to coming inside. He is a talker. So much to say and of course he has to repeat himself if he doesn’t think we are giving him his total attention.

I’ve stopped work on the memoir (just too yucky reliving through all the past gobblegook), I’ve stopped working on the Cozy Mystery (a tempory halt) and I have switched gears and devoted full attention to writing a local city guidebook for Vancouver. I have been hard at this since August of last year and it may or may not be published in June. That’s my deadline but the book is at the editor and probably a week or two before getting it back AND then I will have to tackle all the corrections and work on layout.

Layout will hopefully be manageable as I have done a lot of preliminary work with that for several months so it’s pretty much a correct and update everything. Oh, and the Index. Haven’t even started on that.

Life on the homefront is pretty much the same though growing older is not as golden as advertised and we are not even going to talk about growing old gracefully. That is another bit of twiddle twaddle that needs to be scratched and replaced with something more accurate like growing old sucks.

It’s getting to be almost Spring and the yard is beckoning me to come out and play . . . BUT I am so not a gardener. Maybe on a nice weather day (snowing at the moment) I will have a brief bit of time with a few flowers or such but the prospect of it is not something I’m longing for. Our next door neighbor has built a little chicken coop and she is going to get some new chicks soon. I have volunteered to be a chicken sitter if they take a trip.

Dear, dear hope this doesn’t sound sooo dreary. I am loving working on this guidebook inbetween panic attacks on one thing or another with it, but it is one project that will be completed soon. (Soon being relative of course).

Hope you are doing wondefully, happy in your post (almost) Covid life. Do share how this last Covid disaster has been or is with you – love to hear from you always.



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  1. Good to hear from you! I’ve been hoping you and John were OK. So very sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved pets, something painful and tough to take. They take a part of our heart with them when they die. I love dogs, have had them almost all my life (minus my college years and 2 years after). They are heart and soul happiness and joy, in addition to a bit of extra work and expense. So worth it. We have a 15 yr. old dog now and will be getting another also a older rescue dog) in 2 weeks.

    Growing old does have some great beauty but, as the saying goes, it’s not for sissies! Doing it in a pandemic is extra challenging, especially if you live in a part of the country that defies COVID safety recommendations and, since the lifting of mandates, has begun to live as if the pandemic is over. It leaves those of us who have comorbidities in the lurch, very much alone as far as protecting ourselves as much as we can. For instance, one of my best friend’s husband died and don’t know if I should attend the funeral since hardly anyone, probably no one, will be distancing or wearing masks. So it could easily be a super spreader event which could mean serious illness, hospitalization or even death for some of us.

    I’m not much of a gardener either but I do have a hodgepodge of flowers, a few veggies and straberries in the “flower” beds on the south and east side of your house. By July or August they usually share their growing space with numerous weeds too. But there’s great satisfaction and joy in the flowers and edibles we do get.

    Time to walk my dog. Thanks for the post.

  2. Good to hear from you, June! Yep, no sissies need apply for Senioritis that is for sure.
    We have decided not to get another dog after Pudge – but will see how it goes. I wouldn’t mind one that didn’t bark like crazy if someone came to the door or at least would stop after we got the message. Ha. Ha.

    We also were hoping we could do a bit of traveling if we didn’t have a dog but with Covid and other stuff in our lives not sure that’s going to happen anyway.

    1. I do miss them – all of them. I hope that all life meets together at the end – all of our furry friends as well as all family, friends and loved ones.

      Hope you are doing well, Joan. 🙂

  3. Dear Patty
    Always a joy reading your sunshine notes ,please keep writing to us you are such a blessing
    The dreaded Covid has come to visit me and intends on staying longer than it should ,it has extended its stay on this old body of mine and it just wont leave .I have shown it the front and back door but likes me to much to leave .
    What I love about you Patty is that you keep on trying you adventures and I wish i could be like you and look into taking that first step into making my life better
    Blessed be Patty and so sorry for the loss of your pets xx

    1. Hi Maria – Oh I think you are taking adventures all the time too! The thing about adventures is at the time they mostly look like doing something just to survive or get through whatever we need to do to get through.

      And for that I would say your Covid is one of those unfun, unasked for and please leave adventures. We have known each other for a long time and I would certainly say that you do lots of things to make your life better. You really do.

  4. What a nice surprise to hear from you. Think of you often. Sorry to hear of the loss of your pets.
    You sound like you are doing well. Your sense of humor and wit are still shining through.

    I don’t believe post Covid life is a thing just yet. Wish it were but unfortunately its’s picking up speed AGAIN. Thankful for the vaccine and boosters to curb serious illness and hospitalization. So far so good with avoiding it. My daughter and family are getting over it after avoiding it for 2 years as well. It hitched a ride home from school with my 6 year old granddaughter and it infected the family. Fortunately my granddaughter and her 2 year old brother are better and my daughter and son in law are 3 days in and getting slightly better. This is the beginning of the 3rd week of not seeing them so looking forward to a happy reunion.

    Take care and keep on being you. So much has changed in your life but your spirit is still shining through. Looking forward to another surprise visit from you

  5. Good morning Patty . I decided to do something positive this morning. I just sent you 5 Easter ecards. Let me know if you received them. And if so were you able to open them. The site was cutting in and out this morning.

    So nice to get your update. Have an awesome day.


  6. HI,

    So good to hear from you. So sorry about Andre and Buddy, I knew they had passed away, always so sad when our little best friends pass away. So sorry to hear Pudge is not doing well. Prayers for you and Jon during this all too soon and close journey of loss of pets.
    Congratulations on a work year anniversary coming up. And isn’t it interesting how people want the correct change back, lol.
    We went to a friends 50th wedding anniversary in the Glouester VA area and we stayed at a beautiful Inn where the party was held, it was a wonderful weekend get away. Speaking of, will be nice for you and Jon to take some weekend trips or overnight stays someplace pretty. It does a body good, not to mention the soul.
    I know you will publish your book one day and you will know when the time is right.
    Many blessings to you and so good to hear from you. Miss you.

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