Six Month Cozy Book Marathon

Meme about writing

Six Month Cozy Book Marathon

Meme about writing
Found this meme here here.

Let the Writing Begin!

On August 17, 2023 I signed up to work with a Writing Coach (Ellie Alexander) to help me get started correctly with my book and see it through from start to finish. Very excited to have someone to help me get going as I have very little idea of all the bits and pieces that go into writing a Cozy.

I have an idea . . . sort of . . . but that’s a long way from signing off with a flourish, “The End.”

Look for the book in February of 2024. 

Anyway for anyone interested in following this journey (maybe you want to write a book as well?) or just like to see how it goes . . . stay tuned. If this is totally “not” your cup of tea – unsubscribe immediately. Jump ship before we get too far out to sea.

At any rate pay little attention to the book title I came up with last week, it will probably change weekly as I go. But it was something to start with. The ghost will be Bonnie though as she has definitely stated she will not be flippantly changing her name for one or more of my flights of fancy.

And at this point I am thinking the Protagonist (such a crazy word for hero/heroine of the story, don’t you think?) anyway today I’m thinking it will be Margery because my Mom’s name was Margery and I think she would well be up to getting into mischief and misadventures if she had decided to.

But of course names may change . . . I’m always good for that.

My initial book writing is working through a book I found called, “Blueprint for a Book,” by Jennie Nash. It is a step-by-step plan for getting a book off to its best start. The first ten or so steps were a breeze pretty much and . . . then . . . it gets difficult. But I’m determined to see it through and give it a full try.

Behind the Scenes

Jon and I are gearing ourselves up to try a Keto diet for six weeks and if we see success to make it a life change.

Not for losing weight but more for brain health.

This is a concern as we get older.

Jon has Parkinson’s and I have two parents who both ended up with severe dementia . . . so there is an urgency on both our parts to do what we can to stay at our best.

Cats in the News

Lazy Larry - one of his quiet moments

At this point, Larry has three speeds.

1. Full-tilt kitten speed racer mode.

2. Cat nap mode.

3. Waiting to pounce mode. On anything. A fly, a passing pants leg, nothing.

Fred is such a Mellow Fellow

1. Sleep in his cat tree.

2. Sleep on the couch and play a little with cat nip toy and spring.

3. Look out the window.



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